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"Roads Sepharad": the voice of Jewish history in Spain

"Roads Sepharad": the voice of Jewish history in Spain

In Spain the association "Network Jewish neighborhoods" prepared a new tourism program - "Roads Sepharad". It is a journey in time through the Jewish Quarter of the country, familiarity with the relics of the Jewish (Sephardic) the historical and cultural heritage. The project involves Barcelona, ​​Seville, Cordoba, Toledo, Girona, Oviedo, Ávila, Palma, Tarazona, Leon, and other cities and towns. 

Sepharad - so called Jews in the old Spain, Sephardim - Jews sub-ethnic group. Spanish territory they began to move en masse at the beginning of our era, especially in the second century, after the defeat of anti-Roman revolt of Jews in the age of Emperor Hadrian. In the Middle Ages, being educated people, the Sephardim have played a very big role in Moorish Spain. However, in 1492 they were placed by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella before dire dilemma: accept Christianity or leave the country. Most Sephardic then left and settled in Eastern Europe, Turkey and North Africa. In the mid-19th century began a gradual return to their historic homeland Sephardim. In 2012, for the restoration of historical justice, Spanish authorities decided to granting automatic citizenship Sephardim. Previously this required legally resided in the country for two years. 

In recent years, many states about the renaissance of Jewish cultural life in Spain. Scientists are studying the contribution to the development of Sephardic Spain, out guides to the Jewish streets of Spanish cities, monuments established, much interest in Sephardic music, cuisine. 

Obvious tourist potential Jewish sights. In Barcelona guides are introduced to one of the oldest in Europe and the Great Synagogue. From the original building, however, little is left, but it is reconstructed, and is now a museum. Charming Andalusian patios Jewish Quarter in Cordoba. And through its alleys spanned graceful arches. There are Jewish Street synagogue, the area was born here an outstanding thinker and theologian Maimonides area poet and philosopher Yehuda Halevi. In Toledo there were eleven medieval synagogues, two of them have survived. In Girona, in the Middle Ages was the largest Jewish community in Catalonia. Jewish Quarter of the city and today is impressive unique style of its narrow streets. 

Attractive tourist tours Jewish Spain existed before, but the new program-route «Caminos de Sefarad» will systematize sightseeing tour of Jewish history, to better understand the lifestyle and traditions of the Sephardim, will promote tourism. 

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