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New Bridge in Ronda

New Bridge in Ronda

In the picturesque Spanish town of Ronda, in the province of Malaga, you can see beautiful Puente Nuevo. It is a high three-arch bridge across a 120-metre deep Tajo Canyon. New bridge divides the city into two parts, and is one of its main attractions. The bridge was built between 1759 and 1793. It was a hard work to build the bridge, as blocks of stone had to be lifted up from the bottom of the canyon.

If you look at the bridge from the bottom of the canyon, you’ll be able to see all its power – two huge central and two lateral supports connected with the rock. Views from the platform on the bridge are breathtaking. Between the top of the central arch and the bridge deck, used to be a prison, today it houses the Puente Nuevo History Museum.

Buses run between Malaga Airport and Ronda. The journey takes about 3 hours. You can also get to Ronda from Seville.


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