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The Kingdom of Spain

Spain occupies most of the Iberian Peninsula, located in the south-west of Europe. Throughout the world, the country is famous for its rich history and colourful culture. Spain is the birthplace of guitar, castanets and flamenco. Traditional Spanish bullfight is a symbol of the country. Bullfights reflect hot temper of the citizens. Spain has given the world’s culture and history many eminent people: artists Salvador Dali, Francisco Goya and Pablo Picasso, writers Garcia Lorca and Miguel de Cervantes, brilliant architect Antonio Gaudi, Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus...


For many centuries, Spain has been one of the most important cultural centres in Europe. It is home to 42 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Thanks to numerous temples, castles, palaces and churches, Spain is often referred to as an open-air museum.


Great historical and cultural heritage of Spain impresses with its variety and sophistication. Ancient rock paintings and symbols of Altamira Cave give evidence of the Spanish long history. Different nations and cultures are reflected in the architecture of Spain. Thus, the Iberians left the ruins of Tarragona. Aqueducts and amphitheatres are heritage of the Roman Empire; mosques and minarets remind us of the Spanish Arabs.


Churches and mosques have a special place in Spain. Alarcos-Calatrava Archaeological Park is one of the most interesting attractions of Spain, as it is occupied by Christian and Muslim holy buildings. Alhambra, an amazing palace of Muslim kings, Great Mosque of Cordoba and the famous Minaret of Giralda in Seville are part of the spiritual Spain.


The Palau de la Música Catalana, Palma de Mallorca Cathedral, the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, and the Alcazar of Seville represent Spain as an architecturally diverse country.


Madrid, the capital of Spain, abounds in museums, where rich collections of works of art are kept. Beautiful fountains, baroque buildings, the Royal Palace, wide squares, and art galleries attract there many tourists from all over the world.


Along with Madrid, all big cities of Spain are worth to be visited. Toledo, the former ancient capital of Spain, impresses with its strict Gothic architecture, turning us back to the times of the Spanish Inquisition. Cheerful and sunny Valencia is so attractive due to its magnificent festivities, fireworks, music masquerade processions and spectacular bullfights. The last but not least big city you are advised to visit is Barcelona. This port city is famous not only for its beautiful and clean beaches, but also for architectural works of Antonio Gaudi, the narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, and Holy Family Cathedral.


Andalusia, the southern region of Spain, is considered to be a favourite tourist destination. Here you can see many medieval castles and Arab towers, as well as ancient settlements in the mountains. Moreover, Andalusia boats the warmest sea and more than 300 sunny days a year.


Spain is notable for its amazing natural beauty. Clean beaches of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic coast along with ski resorts of the Sierra Nevada create extraordinary harmony. Destinations described further are just perfect to have an unforgettable rest: Cliffs with cosy bays of the Costa Brava, Costa Daurada with its golden beaches, and numerous resorts of Costa del Sol. It’s quite hard to imagine Spain without its warm and cosy resorts: Marbella, Torremolinos, Calahonda, Torre del Mar, El Polo.


Spain offers great opportunities for hunting in different regions of the country. You can see scenic views there. In the north, in the Cantabrian Mountains, there is Saja National Hunting Reserve, which covers the territory of 177,000 hectares. There you can hunt for bears, wild boars and wolves. In the province of Oviedo, you can visit Somiedo Hunting Reserve, one of the richest reserves.


Many colourful festivals and interesting traditions make Spain a unique tourist destination of ​​Europe. As mentioned above, Spain is homeland of guitar and flamenco – so you can visit its music festivals and colourful celebrations, famous through all the Europe. Flamenco Festival in Seville welcomes best guitarists and bailaors and is considered to be the biggest and most striking event in Spain. International Guitar Festival in Cordoba is popular as well.


Competitive sports with bulls are the Spain’s feature. Bullfight, which originates from the time of the Iberians, is the most famous of them. San Fermin Festival in Pamplona – running of bulls through the ancient streets of the city – is an integral part of the Spanish culture.


You should definitely try the national cuisine of Spain. Traditionally cooked dishes with olive oil have mild flavour and spicy aroma. Various soup-creams as well light snacks are very popular there. Red wine and sweet cakes with almond filling complete the taste of national dishes.



Spain is a special country, where you’ll get unforgettable emotions and gentle memories. Here you can find everything ranging from beautiful beaches and ski tracks to unique ruins of ancient buildings and modern quarters.


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