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Yoko Ono. Half-A-Wind Show. Retrospectiva, Bilbao


At the Guggenheim Museum held a retrospective of the unique one of the brightest and most influential artists of our time-avangardistok Yoko Ono, who is also known as the widow of the legendary band members "The Beatles" - John Lennon.

The exhibition includes about two hundred amazing work performed for more than 60 years of creative work since 1950.

Here you will see unusual installations, photographs, text, graphics, audio and video works, as well as a new version of Performance Moving Mountains.

Work by the Japanese artist filled keen sense of humor, they present social criticism and felt concentration on important topics such as trust, balance, unity.

Exhibition "Yoko Ono. Half-A-Wind Show" will be held from March 14 to September 1, 2014 in the Spanish city of Bilbao.

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In Spanish, the Guggenheim Museum has opened a unique exhibition of Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto.

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